Terms & Conditions & Warranty Terms

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Please read the following Terms & Conditions/Terms Of Service.

All work hired by FWC Welding LTD will be manufactured at the head faculty in London, Ontario. Approving an estimate with FWC Welding LTD is entering into a binding contract in which you are obligated to our Terms & Conditions and Warranty Terms.


Fabrications & Installations will be handled all by FWC Welding and no third parties. FWC Welding LTD will meet on site at the the clients project address to look over the work before fabrication and installation begins. Fabrications will be done based on the measurements and the style provided by the client. If your project requires post holes and settings, locates must be obtained by Ontario 1 before we can dig any post holes. Any delays with Ontario 1 and locates, FWC will not be held responsible due to the fact this is a third party service and FWC has no control on completion dates for locates. Delays are expected during high seasons for locates.


Any changes made to any design and style will be charged extra to the customer in a written change format that the customer must sign and agree upon before the changes are made. A deposit of the changes will be paid in full before the changes can be made to your current project.


Deposits are required before work to begin. Final payment due on completion. All deposits are non refundable.


Installation dates are only estimated dates. Installation dates may be delayed due to weather conditions, scope of the work of fabrication and other related delays that may not be controlled by the company etc. Approving any work done by FWC you have agreed to the above terms & conditions. Once your project has been fabricated, a staff member will contact you with an exact Installation date and time frame.


Once the project is completed by FWC, client must look over the work for any defaults. Once final payment has been received, client has approved the work completed by FWC and found no default in the installation. All sales are final. We are not responsible for any damages or changes made after installation. Any changes made will be at the cost of the property owner expense and FWC will not be responsible. FWC is only responsible for work up to installation process. Any changes and billing will not be covered by FWC after completion.


Written Estimates are valid for 10 days and may increase any time after the 10 day time frame.


All deposits and final payments are non refundable. All payments are due upon completion. A late fee of 20% per week will be added to your invoice for late payments.


Warranty is valid for one year from the completed project date. Warranty is limited to only work done by FWC Welding and no third parties applications. Any damages occured after installation is not warranted by the company and will not be hold responsible.

All clients must look over the the completed project after installation for any defaults. Warranty is void of any defaults after completion and approved by the client.

All warranty requests  must be sent to FWC in writing with photos of the default. Please provide your name, phone number, invoice number and address when filing a warranty claim. All warranty claims must be approved by FWC.

FWC will only provide warranty on the following:

  • Welding on fabrications
  • Limited Metal Supply of the Project completed

Warranty Excludes:

  • Paint, Powder Coating, Galvanized
  • Repairs to existing installation. Including: Extensions, upgrades, relocations etc
  • Rust, fading, chipping, peeling caused by weather conditions that is not controlled by FWC Welding LTD.
  • Maintenance, abrasion, negligence
  • Removal of posts and reinstallation of any installations
  • Damages from cars, misuse, abuse, vandalism/break ins, accidents and other related damages
  • Impact from foreign objects/trees/branches/etc
  • Damages due to weather conditions including: fires, heavy storms, earthquakes, tornado, hurricanes, falling trees, branches, acts of nature or any other related damages and weather condition are not warranted.
  • Third party applications such: Automatic gate openers, mechanical, electrical by third division suppliers. Automatic gate openers can only be warranted by the manufacturer. Automatic gate openers are warranted by a 1 year manufacturer warranty. Customer must register any automatic gate openers with the manufacturer to obtain any warranty. FWC Welding LTD is not responsible for any issues with automatic gate openers since it’s a third party application and not created by the company. Any technical issues please make sure to contact the manufacturer of your gate opener for assistance or visit the automatic gate opener websites of your gate operator for additional assistance.
  • Any alterations, repairs from third parties made to any of our fabrications will become void.
  • Claims that is provided by third party applications such as paint, primers, epoxies, mechanical, electrical, powder coating, galvanized, etc. These warranty claims are by manufacturers and not FWC.

To register your warranty: fwcltd.ca/warranty